Supertech Eco Village 3 Blend Of Beauty


There are 2, 3 and 4 BKH apartments available in Eco-Village 3. This area is for each flat starts from 890 sq.ft. To 1850 sq.ft. Supertech LTD Group These apartments start from 29 lacs and goes through 66 lacs for the best luxurious flats.

This is going to be ready for possession soon in coming years and onwards. So, this is the right time to think of choosing one that suits your dream living in peaceful environment in a major city, without compromising any of the needs or comforts and luxuries.

This is the right time to think of grabbing the opportunity to live in the best place with productive blend of beauty and peacefulness like in a village as well as accessibilities of all advanced amenities and technologies as in a city. This combination is rare in India but is choice for many.

About notable amenities

  • Basic need of electricity supply is run for 24 by 7. So, interruptions for daily activities at your home.
  • Gas, which is basic need for every home without any exceptions, is supplied continuously through reticulated gas supply provided to every kitchen.
  • Departmental stores, laundry services and medical stores are available right at your place, without moving out of the township gate.
  • Health clubs to make yourself fit and healthy burning the calories from the junk food as well the long sitting work styles.
  • Swimming pools let you recreate your body as well soul making you healthy and joyful.
  • With increased reputation of the sports person, sports aspirants have been increasing to the same level. So, have recreation, health and team building from sports. Indoor games like pool table, indoor golf putts are going to make you forget the time you spend.
  • Spas located in the same township minimize your transport time and charges to go to some farer or central places in the city.
  • With increased health consciousness people make aerobics and exercises as part of their daily activities. So, no need to go kilometers everyday to reach the best gym in the city. You do all kinds of body exercises right in your compound in gym.
  • Round the clock security is provided for the lives of you and your family as well as the property that you have.
  • Medical facilities would be right in your township, without travelling long which is hard for the ill family members to go.
  • For Ayurvedic lovers, they too can get the ayurvedic massage over here itself.
  • Shopping should be pleasant, not hectic with long travels in smoke raining traffic. Shopping is done right at your place with pleasant walk in less time.
  • Parking does not have any restriction, as you are given with sufficient parking space for your two as well as four wheelers.
  • Not just individual recreation, friends and teams can be also being built here. Make your own network and meet, talk and also ideate with the fellow residents of the township in the club houses. Not just one, four club houses are arranged for healthy team spirit of fellow residents.
  • Can you imagine beach in the middle of your city? Yes it is made possible in Eco-Village 3. Artificial beach sides are developed for the residents to go in the evenings and enjoy the cool breeze. So, relax, walk, jog and enjoy the most you want in beach sides.

Supertech Sports Republik is situated in the prime location of Greater Noida West with frontage of 700 meters approx on expressway. This township consists of 1000 apartments that is set to give you a neibhourhood which can be cherished longer. Supertech Sports Republik Noida Extension gives you an option of living in 2 and 3 Bhk apartments with a reasonable cost. The tentative floor sizes for these apartments starts from 895 sq.ft to 1195 sq.ft. Average launch price is Rs. 2815/- sq.ft with an inaugural discount of Rs. 200/- sq.ft. The location has number of advantages as it has very strong proximity area, which covering all needy places within. The project has opened a new way towards very natural and modern life under the same roof.

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