Go Green for Your Next Real Estate Investment

With the world curling under the high electricity and water bills, while they hear the snippets of the latest conventions on energy saving ways and tools, the need for an adobe that saves their pocket and the earth has quite become a need of the hour.

It is easier to build an energy efficient house having all the tools that are customized according to your lifestyle. But if building a house is not in the scene for you, but you still wish to save a treasure by having an energy efficient house, buy a house that is developed to give maximum savings on both bills and harm to the environment.

Various premium projects like Paramount Floraville by the Paramount Group, Astitva by the Primarc and MCK Group have joined the elite group of more than 250 of such projects all over the country, including a number of projects in the National Capital Region, and Hyderabad. Out of all these locations, Noida and its nearby areas has emerged as the most energy efficient one. At the back of highest new projects developments here and the need to be different from others, a number of projects like the Paramount Floraville are coming up here.


Let us see what all you should see before answering the property for sale in Noida advertisement.

But when you start looking to buy an energy efficient house, make sure your house is properly placed in the building so to minimize the amount of sun exposure from west and east.

While all the new developments must meet a minimum grade of energy efficiency under the Bureau of Energy Efficiency specifications around the country, some developers are now building 8-star and 7-star energy efficient houses.

The guidelines they have ruled down for the residential house development are not very stringent; it offers 15 suggestions,from space cooling to renewable energy integration, on various energy-efficiency parameters for the deliberation at the design phase of the various multi-storey residential developments.

Buying a house in one of those projects will ensure that you do not add extra expenses on modifying the look and touch of your traditional family home.

But in case you do not have enough funds or reasons to buy the energy saving house, maybe you should stick with renovating your house as one.It is not very costly, as you must have heard. Small changes here and there can make your house save millions for you in no time!

  1. Have your house well insulated

The Insulated roof will help in reducing a large amount of the heat coming in your house when the weather is hot, and then hold the warmth in the house when it is cold outside.

There are a number of insulation choices to opt for, which majorly depends on your personal preferences or circumstances. The most common options are loose fill, wool, batts, and reflective foil.

The fibre batts made out of glass is an environmental friendly choice as they are manufactured from around 80% recycled elements. You can also lower the heat built up in roof cavity with the help of whirly bird installed on the ceiling.

  1. Make sure the cross ventilation is in place

Do not open just one door or window. An apartment will get cooler quickly only if the flow of air is able to enter from one part and is able to exit at the opposite side of the house.

A good cross ventilation situation can be attained by opening doors or windows on the reverse side of the house, so that the air can freely flow around the house. For your new house have widespread entry halls, higher ceilings, sliding doors and/or the bi-folds tend to offer a great amount of place for the air to flow easily.

  1. Have more of the ceiling fans

It is a very cost-saving idea to have ceiling fans installed in the dining room, living room, and every bedroom, because they are a lot cheaper to maintain than the air conditioners. Subject to the electricity tariff you are presently on, the operating cost of the fan is nearly two cents hourly rate as compared to the 52 cents hourly charges air conditioner takes.

  1. Reduce the sun exposure

The easiest way to lower the heat obtrusion in the west side of the house is to fit an exterior blind system. In case you are developing a new house, an alternate option worth noting is prolonged eaves.

So whether you are buying energy efficient flat for sale in Noida or building one, you do not have a single reason to not install tools or ways that would make your pocket bigger and earth happier. Now that you know how to find out that the project is energy efficient or the ways to build a house around these methods, it is time you get to it.

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